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Each time listening to stories our grandparents, our parents, about the forced relocation of Ahiska, we imagine all this, and in our eyes there is ''cold'' pattern of separation, which we will never forget. Although, we live in different countries around the world, is now due to service «Ahiskaliyuh.Biz» anyone can remind of himself to old friends, inviting them to view their virtual photo album, to re-join or find the same interesting people with whom communication takes you enjoy.
Уважаемые пользователи сайта А ! - 21.02.2012 г.
Хотите быть в курсе всего? Вас интересуют новости Ахыска турков и Турции? Вы хотите учавствовать в различных темах и вести дискуссию? Будем рады видеть Вас активными участниками нашего Форума! Ждем Вас для общения в разделе Переписки - Yazışmalar ! Для участия нужна новая регистрация. ВОЙТИ В ФОРУМ.

1 hour(s) ago
Nathan Kenneth posted a comment on Ingemar Harlan's profile:
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3 hour(s) ago
Adolph Francis posted a comment on Roderick Richard's profile:
Al día siguiente, temprano en la mañana, la campana de piedra en el ascendente, un hombre de la empresa de transporte contratado un camión, por lo que el conductor con destino a la playa ayer, cocinar metal azul tumbado en la playa. gafas de so...
4 hour(s) ago
Donahue Raymond posted a comment on Roderick Richard's profile:
( To be continued.> Guild members who play from the back after Alam, has been almost two weeks, and those areas of instability because of the return and reintegration sunglasses outlet smooth, solid control area than in the past and even the So...
5 hour(s) ago
Lawrence Horace posted a comment on Wright Hayden's profile:
No clothes drove to town, squatting outside the city saw a large group of ragged people, hearts feel weird. Came to the gate, louis vuitton wallet even found that someone at the gates of vehicles in inventory passers- guard, the heart does what ha...
6 hour(s) ago
Ingemar Harlan posted a comment on Roderick Theobald's profile: [ ] The death of soldiers will be able to complete the final test officially became a member of the battle group, and before that, ZHAO Yan was based on criminal psychology test content developed these s...
6 hour(s) ago
Isidore Valentine posted a comment on Norman Reginald's profile:
The third installment, there Huangfu long days to enter. Six months down the practice. Let 's overall strength has been significantly Huangfu long days progress, but it also does not lag behind cheap fifa 14 coins much, so eventually, Huangfu lon...
6 hour(s) ago
Nicholas Stanley posted a comment on Douglas Robert's profile:
Fortunately, Li Ru, has been very quiet very gentle, seeing only slightly hesitated, then took it three things around the ring. The Young Qianxue andand others, is one excited, involuntary, nike free gratitude should head directly are satisfied, b...
7 hour(s) ago
Julius Clarence posted a comment on Roderick Chapman's profile: Do not know who first could not help laughing. Someone opened the head, which could not stop laughing, even the two black bodyguards laughed, but look at the boss's face, did not dare to laugh, ...
9 hour(s) ago
Blithe Woodrow posted a comment on Roderick Theobald's profile:
Surrounding scenery again by the darkness, everyone has deep darkness, and oppressive followed from outside, everyone felt the body was coercion to suppress. Wolf looked across blast of blues, gradually began to gasp : Cut ! Bruce Claymore Raise t...
9 hour(s) ago
Calvin Winfred posted a comment on Adolph Francis's profile:
But Meng Xiang was really pleased bad sleep at night are clinging tightly. Meng Xiang began to grow up a little bit to learn carpentry skills with Grandpa, not to the future but to be able to personally when a carpenter making models ! So Meng Xia...
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