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Each time listening to stories our grandparents, our parents, about the forced relocation of Ahiska, we imagine all this, and in our eyes there is ''cold'' pattern of separation, which we will never forget. Although, we live in different countries around the world, is now due to service «Ahiskaliyuh.Biz» anyone can remind of himself to old friends, inviting them to view their virtual photo album, to re-join or find the same interesting people with whom communication takes you enjoy.
Уважаемые пользователи сайта А ! - 21.02.2012 г.
Хотите быть в курсе всего? Вас интересуют новости Ахыска турков и Турции? Вы хотите учавствовать в различных темах и вести дискуссию? Будем рады видеть Вас активными участниками нашего Форума! Ждем Вас для общения в разделе Переписки - Yazışmalar ! Для участия нужна новая регистрация. ВОЙТИ В ФОРУМ.

8 hour(s) ago
Brandon Edison posted a comment on Harlan Rupert's profile:
Ed Lyman has remained silent, NFL Cases work as usual, although not expressed Ivan loyalty, but gingerly, like when the work is still alive and then work with Sophia. Xi Keer was that this is an observation of Ivan 's observation. Just yesterday,...
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Franklin Archibald signed up.
22 hour(s) ago
Herbert Randolph posted a comment on Brandon Edison's profile:
That caught the black cloak of Frankenstein also cast their strongest one trick !ray ban outlet, Obviously, this is the best, and the last time that the cast had almost essential difference. Flower as if carrying the endless magic of weird towerin...
2 day(s) ago
Brandon Edison posted a comment on Herbert Randolph's profile:
To gentle, Emma remembered his brother told his secrets, men are like gentle and sexy woman. She began to stammer up ! God knows, a sound usually always bad sound bad girl, once made ​​up the mind to be gentle, it will be even more breathtakin...
5 day(s) ago
Brandon Edison posted a comment on Wene Ewnowh's profile:
Not enough...... I do not know who dare interjected. Butcher frowning road. Spread an atmosphere of danger in the air, creepy. Nobody say anything, and no one dared to say anything. Sweep the remnants of a group of butchers, said: Fake Oakleys jum...
6 day(s) ago
Brandon Edison posted a comment on Goddard Isidore's profile:
Lin Fan angry heart, his feet wind, Gang Yu stepped forward to rescue the boy, suddenly heard a cry Bao ! XiaoYuan, Fake Oakleys refining body successful, becoming the Disciples, identity is not in general, should set an example, the pro- set a go...
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